BBC, 2012

“A documentary by Vanessa Engle is always a treat, and this is no exception”
The Daily Mail

This film is set in London’s Hampstead Heath where, over a number of months, Vanessa Engle approached people who were walking their dogs in this single location.  She set out to find out why they have a dog, what their dog means to them and the role it plays in their daily lives. The stories that emerge are both rich and surprising, painting a remarkable portrait of human experience and the place that dogs occupy in our emotions.  Contributors include; a formerly wealthy housewife from Wales, who now lives in a homeless hostel with her one remaining Weimeraner; a couple whose 26-year-old son recently died in a paragliding accident and whose Cockerpoo puppy is helping them as they grieve; a young couple, who have bought an Alsatian puppy and are simultaneously expecting their first baby; a rich businessman with five bichons, cared for by his Filipino manservant and a 40 year old man with a large Staffordshire Bull terrier, who has spent the last five years nursing his father, who has dementia.


“With her deceptively simple treatment of rich subject matter, Vanessa Engle’s documentaries have an extraordinary ability to get straight to the heart of the human condition. A great documentary – revelatory”
The Telegraph
“Wonderful – the dogs, their owners, the film, all of it.”
The Guardian
“A deceptively powerful documentary about dog walkers, the TV equivalent of a powerful collection of short stories. Touching, heart-breaking, astonishing.”
The Daily Telegraph
“A remarkable, sad and beautiful documentary.”
The Independent
“A damp-nosed, flappy-tongued, all-inclusive sojourn on the Costa del Bow-Wow. It’s a fanfare for the common dog: a nuzzly celebration of humanity and the deep, hopeless love of doggy-woggies that is written on Britain’s heart in pet-friendly ink. One nation under dog.”
The Guardian


Producer/director: VANESSA ENGLE



Assistant producer: ABI MOWBRAY

Film editor: JAN CHOLAWO

Executive producer: NICK MIRSKY, CLARE SILLERY


 Shortlisted for the 2013 Grierson award for Most Entertaining Documentary